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PT Solarboat Maritim Indonesia engaged in the maritime sector that has special attention to innovation and development of renewable energy. The innovations that we offer are expected to be able to solve energy problems which are increasingly limited in number and high in price. One of the breakthroughs we are exploring is the use of solar panels on fishing boats which have been using conventional fuel as the main energy source for their propulsion. With the electricity supply that can be obtained from the use of solar cells, this boat is expected to maintain its own energy source and get rid of dependency from using oil and other conventional fuel. This product will also add an electric cold storage so that the freshness of the fish is maintained. This ship will also be equipped with a communication and navigation system so that fishermen do not get lost. The basic materials used to make boats are much cheaper so they can be affordable for small fishermen. The EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) foam material that is used as the main ingredient of our products also has advantages compared to materials made of fiberglass. This material has properties that are highly ductile so that there is a risk of cracking or even breaking of the hull if exposed to the waves can be minimized . In addition, the properties of this material are also definitely not able to experience corrosion, and also from its relatively light density when compared to the main materials of conventional shipbuilders, it can minimize the occurrence of sinking in this product.

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Pengembangan inovasi Solar boat dengan teknologi Solar cell graphene adalah salah satu solusi untuk menjawab permasalahan di bidang energi khususnya di Indonesia sebagai negara maritim. Kapal yang memanfaatkan teknologi terbaru dengan harga yang masih terjangkau.

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